Fuel Gas Supply System for LNG MEGI & DFDE Engine of LNG Propulsion Vessel

CRYOS FGSS for Low/High Pressure

Design and Calculation

System  Application  Load Case Combination 
Type-C Tank Inner Tank-Outer Tank Saddle Static (Design pressure + Fluid weight) 
Static (LNG weight + Vacuum pressure) 
Asymmetric load (Rolling, Pitching) 
Dynamic (0.5G + 1.0G) 
Thermal analysis 
Low / High Pressure
Vaporizer Strength analysis (Skid, Support, Cold box) 
HP / LP Pump Thermal analysis 
Glycol Skid Pipe stress analysis 
Insulation Piping  Explosion analysis 

System  Fuel gas Pressure  LNG tank pressure  Energy Efficiency  Engine
Low Pressure FGS 10 barg  4~15 barg  Low  DFDG 
15 barg  High RT-FLEX 
High Pressure 300 barg  High  ME-GI