• 2012~2015
  • 2000~2011

2015 01 TUV AD2000-Cold stretching Certificate
2014 06 Supply the two units of 900m3 LNG fuel gas storage tank for TOTE 3
100TEU LNG carrier for the world's largest LNG FGSS
2013 06 Supply of LNG engine fuel gas supply system (FGSS) for Incheon Port Authority 'Econuri' (The first in Asia)
07 The company name has changed to CRYOS Co., Ltd.
08 LNG fuel gas supply system (FGSS) for ship engines (Patent No. 10-130619)
11 Registered the Sacheon Factory (Supplied the TOTE 900m3 fuel gas storage tank)
12 Acquired ASME 'T' 'PP' mark
2012 04 DNV Classification Certificate for pressure vessels, tank containers)
11 ISO 14001:2009, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate (KGS)
12 Assigned as an associate company of Daechang Solution

2011 05 LNG Tank with inner filling pipes (Patent No. 10-1275038)
2010 07 Relocate to New factory in Hwajeon industrial complex, Busan (14,200m2)
08 ISO9001:2008 Certificate (KGS)
11 Acquired the ASME 'U2'
2009 02 Lloyd's Certificate for LPG ball valve
Certificate for Heat exchanger (air cooler)
04 Demand development agreement for FuGas between Samsung Heavy Industries
05 Acquired the manufacturing approval for AL(ALK) Cryogenic storage tank and valve
2008 01 Cryogenic ball valve (Patent No. 10-942264)
03 Company affiliated R&D center Certificate
04 Pressure vessels and power boiler manufacturing plant Certificate
2007 07 Quality Management System Certificate (KGS)
09 Lloyd's Classification Certificate and ASME 'U', 'S' stamp
2006 04 TUV(CE) Certificate
2003 02 One-touch vise for high-pressure charging (Utility Model No. 0302025)
07 Registered as a Specific equipment manufacturer (Add the cryogenic storage vessel)
08 Developed High-pressure automatic changeover system
2002 06 Success of gas mixer localization
2001 02 Developed large capacity steam vaporizer
2000 01 Merged with Seojin Gas Eng. and Unitech
Established UNS Co., Ltd.
09 Professional construction business license – Registered type 1 'Gas Facility Construction'
12 Developed assemble type vaporizer for high-pressure gas